Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Victory over the Thoroughbreds

The Thoroughbreds were confident as Shels rode into town,
Upon a night that threatened, though the reins did not come down.
They scored a controversial goal, the linesman stud his ground
We called the ref an awful foal and curses did abound.

But Dermot’s half-time team talk was enough to stirrup things
Although he bridled visibly when looking down the wings.
But in the mane, his tactics got the Redsmen back on course.
First Daisy scored, then Bisto and we yelled till we were horse.

We were firmly in the saddle when Dave Freeman scored a third.
A stable rear defence line meant that nothing bad occurred.
Kildare could only hoof the ball, we jockeyed them all night.
The gods for once were withers and we soon were out of sight.

We had the bit between our teeth, their keeper had a mare.
We won it at a canter from our rivals from Kildare.
A gallop poll held afterwards highlighted people’s views
That maybe Dermot should have trotted out old Filly Hughes.

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