Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not so good Friday

The palm leaves were laid at our feet
As we rode into Monaghan town.
Hosannas were fulsome and sweet,
Though they promised that they’d take us down.

Our bodies were shaking in fear,
Our blood seemed to freeze in our veins.
Our angel refused to appear
And Satan laughed loud at our pains.

And then they dispensed a cruel blow,
As sharp as a spear in the side.
We cried out in anguish and woe
But the wound was too deep and too wide.

Why have you forsaken us Lord?
We asked, at this vicious attack.
Why answer our prayers with a sword?
And why has the sky turned so black?

They jeered at the crown that we sported
And laughed at the lead they protected.
Have faith that the Devil is thwarted
And our hopes will be soon resurrected.

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