Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Six in six for Anto

It’s six in six for Anto,
A lilting scoring medley,
In French or Esperanto,
It’s equally as deadly.
With head or foot
Or knee or butt
He makes sure where the ball is put.
All hail this great goalscoring glut
And raise a cheer for Anto.

He scores for fun, does Bisto,
The scourge of all defences.
Whene’er the ball strikes his toe,
The run just recommences.
He doesn’t flinch
Or give an inch,
The winner’s always his to clinch.
But will he score? Oh it’s a cinch,
Just put your cash on Bisto.

He tops the charts, does Anto,
Out front is where you’ll find him.
And, as in any panto,
The rest are all behind him.
He goes in where
The rest don’t dare,
Along the ground or in the air,
All arms and legs, deceptive flair,
He’s got the lot, has Anto.

There ain’t no stopping Bisto.
He’s really in the humour.
I heard that once he missed! Oh,
I’m sure ‘twas just a rumour.
It hits his shin
And bobbles in,
He takes it with a cheery grin.
When he’s on song, I know we’ll win.
Oh, thank the Lord for Bisto.
Anto "Bisto" Flood scores again

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