Saturday, April 26, 2008

For dedicated followers of fashion

In the chic boutiques of Paris, on the catwalks of Milan,
The world of fashion’s thrown into a tizzy.
Naomi’s pictured wearing one aboard a yacht at Cannes,
And Harrod’s say the order books are busy.

Gautier is gutted and Viv Westwood’s gone to ground,
The Armani boys are jumping from the ledges.
Vera Wang, her aides admit, is nowhere to be found,
Lacoste looks somewhat rough around the edges.

Heidi Klum’s been seen in one, and Condoleezza Rice
Drew gasps at the Republican convention.
Meryl Streep was quoted, saying “The lines are very nice –
The summit of sartorial invention.”

Gok Wan says he’ll go naked first – he will not put one on,
Though he twitches in an unconvincing manner.
And who’s that in a matching pair outside of the Sorbonne?
Oh Lord, I think its Trinny and Susannah.

The critics are unanimous in praise of the design.
The trim, they say, is elegant, yet daring.
It’s bound to rouse a market that was facing a decline,
The next big thing that everybody’s wearing.

You can wear it to a wedding, to the butcher’s, on the beach,
Hawaiian shirts, in contrast, are much duller.
However large your wardrobe, it should always be in reach
For the experts say it goes with any colour.

Its for people who are stylish and know how to dress themselves,
Supporters sing its praises with a passion.
It’s the brand new Shels away shirt and its flying off the shelves,
The ultimate in this year’s must-have fashion.

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